Agnolo zie Baccio
Alberti Leon Battista Facade of the Santa Maria Novella
Palazzo Rucellai
Rotonda Santissima Annunziata
Architecture in bird’s-eye view theory with i.a. ‘De re aedificatoria’
Ammanati Courtyard Palazzo Pitti
Staircase in the ricetto: a rather oversized piece of furniture
Neptune fountain
Architecture in bird’s-eye view: mannerism
Andrea del Castagno Also known as Andrea di Bonaiuto:
See under Castagno
Andrea da Firenze
Also known as Andrea di Bonaiuto
Santa Maria Novella Spanish chapel Chiostro verde:
1.0 Spanish Chapel (fresco cycle)
1.1 The frescos of Andrea da Firenze
Altar wall:
1.2 The road to the Calvary
The Crucifixion
The Descent of Christ into limbo
Right wall:
1.3 The true path to salvation
Left wall:
1.4 The triumph of St Thomas of Aquinas
Andrea del Sarto See under Sarto
Andrea del Verrocchio See under Verrocchio
Angelico Fra Descent from the Cross: a comparison with Donatello
  San Marco:
  1.   Fra Angelico and the San Marco
2.   Altarpiece for the choir of the San Marco
3.   The predella of the main altar
4.   The courtyard: crucifixion
5.   The frescos in the lunettes
6.   The  Chapter room
  The cells of the dormitorium:
  7.   The novices (south side)
8.   The cells  monks (east side)
9.   De cellen  lekenbroeders  (north side)
10. The double cel of Cosimo (north side)
11. The Maria’s in the corridors of the  dormitorium
  Zie ook onder kunstenaar alfabetisch
Arnoldi Alberto Capponi chapel and the Bigallo
Baccio D’Agnolo Loggia west side Piazza Santissima Annunziata
Campanile Santo Spirito
Banco Nanni di Zie onder Nanni
Bandinelli Baccio Monument of Giovanni dalle Bande Nere
Hercules and Cacus
Wax model of Hercules and Cacus
The copy of the Laocoon
The Pietà fore his grave
Bertoldo di Giovanni  Casa Buonarroti:
Bronze  battle relief
Bologna Giovanni Zie onder Giambologna
Bonanno di Pisa Bronze doors in Pisa
Brunelleschi Filippo Baptisterium:
Competition second door (1401)
1.0 The Ospedale degli Innocenti:
1.1 The construction history of the foundling hospital
1.2 The expansion of the Ospedale after Brunelleschi’s depature
1.3 The consequences of the extension of the Ospedale degli Innocenti
1.4 A comparison: the facades of the Ospedale and the San Matteo (Accademia)
1.5 The proportions of the facade of the Ospedale degli Innocenti
1.6 The Ospedale degli Innocenti  and the Piazza
1.7 Behind the facade of the Ospedale degli Innocenti
  1.0 The Santa Maria degli Angeli or the Oratory
1.1 Brunelleschi and his style in the Oratory
1.2 The Oratory after 1500
  1.    The church: San Lorenzo
2.0 Old Sacristy (Brunelleschi):
2.1  Light in the Old sacristy
2.2 Lantern of the Old sacristy
2.3 The circle, the square and the proportions of the Old sacristy
2.4 Baptistery in Padua and  the Old sacristy
2.5 The Old sacristy: Renaissance or Gothicism?
2.6 The meaning of the Old sacristy and the altar
2.7 The style of Michelozzo and Brunelleschi
Santa Croce:
1.0 The Pazzi Chapel in the cloister of the  Santa Croce
1.1 Interior
1.2 Porticus
  Santa Felicita:
Barbadori Chapel or Capponi Chapel
Santo Spirito:
Church Santo Spirito
A comparison between the Santo Spirito and the San Lorenzo
  Parte Guelfa
1.0 Dome Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore) Brunelleschi
1.1 Lantern
1.2 Crowing of the lantern
1.3 Dome a new style of just gothic?
Santa Maria Novella: 

Brunelleschi and his style in the Oratory
The style of Michelozzo and Brunelleschi
The influence of the Santa Maria degli Angeli (Oratorium) on
the Santa Maria della Salute Baldassare Longhena
Botticelli Ognissanti:
Zie ook pendant: Ghirlandaio Hiëronymus
Buontalenti Bernardo Boboli gardens
The cave in the Boboli gardens
Porta delle Suppliche
Cambio Arnolfo di Duomo
Sculptures in the recesses of the Duomo facade
Castagno Andrea del Last Supper: the influence od Donatello’s pulpit: the three  Mary’s at the grave
1.   Het verhaal over het Laatste Avondmaal
2.   Kruisiging
2.1 Graflegging
2.2 Opstanding
3.   Sinopia
Florence Duomo:
Fresco van Niccolò da Tolentino
Zie ook pendant van Uccello
Cellini Benvenuto Loggia dei Lanzi:
Cimabue Uffizi:
Enthroned Madonna with child: a comparison  Duccio and Giotto
Cione see Jacopo di or
Nardo di
Ciuffagni Bernardo Museo dell’Opera del Duomo:
Codussi Mauro Influence of the windows of the palazzo Rucellai on Venetian architecture
Danti Vincenzo Bargello:
Triumphant over Falsehood
Donatello Duomo:
A gigant on the buttresses of the Duomo
Florence Museo dell’Opera del Duomo:
1.  John  fore the facade of the Duomo
2.   The five statues for the Campanile:
2.1 The prophets with or without beard or Pensieroso
2.2 Sacrifice Abraham and Isaac
2.3 Jeremiah
2.4 Habakkuk
3.   Mary Magdalene
4.   Cantoria:
4.1 Donatello’s cantoria
4.2 A comparison between the  two cantoria (Robbia Luca della and Donatello)
4.3 The rose window and the cantoria
See further pendant: Lucca della Robbia
Donatello’s statues for the Orsanmichele:
1. Marcus
2. St. George
3. Louis of Toulouse
Santa Croce:
1. Two life-size crucifixen
2. Cavalcanti Tabernacle
Padua Santa Maria dei Servi
Crucifix (wood)
San Lorenzo Old Sacristy:
1.0 The Old Sacristy:
1.1 The eight tondi
1.2 Four stories about the apostle John:
1.3 John and his dream on Patmos
1.4 Resurrection of Drusiana
1.5 The torture in boiling oil and the ascension of John
1.6 The apostles in the  lunettes
1.7 The recesses above the two bronze doors in the Old Sacristy
1.8 The ‘martyr’s door and the ‘apostle’s door’
1.9 The Altar
Interior San Lorenzo:
1.0 The pulpits:
1.1 Overview pulpits
1.2 The passion pulpit
1.3 Two Descents of the Cross: a comparison
1.4 Christ before Pilate
1.5 The pulpit with the resurrection of Christ
1.6 Three Mary’s at the grave
1.7 The limbo of Hell and the Resurrection of Christ
1.8 Two resurrections: a comparison between Donatello and Castagno
2. Cenotaph
Two Davids marble and bronzePalazzo Vecchio:
The Judith and Holofernes
Fioravanti Neri di Model Dome 1366
Firenze see
Andrea da
Fra Angelico Zie onder: Angelico
Fra Filippo Lippi zie onder Lippi
Fra Sisto en Fra Ristoro da Campi Santa Maria Novella
 Francesco Talenti Campanile (Duomo topsection)
Gaddi Taddeo and
Maso di Banco
Santa Croce
Baroncelli Chapel:
1. Rejection of  Joachim’s Sacrifice
2. Meeting at the Golden Gate and the birth of Mary
3. The presentation of Mary and her engagement 
4. The wall at the altar
5. Annunciation of Mary and Mary’s visit to Elisabeth
6. Annunciation to the shepherds and the  worship of the Christ Child
7. David and Jesse in the pilaster by the south wall
8. The apotheosis: the altarpiece
Santa Croce (together with Maso di Banco):
Santa Croce Cappella Bardi di Vernio
Santa Croce refectory:
The Last Supper
Gentile da Fabriano Uffizi:
Aanbidding der Koningen
Ghiberti Lorenzo Baptisterium:
1. The competition of the second set of doors of the Baptistery (1401)
2. The first door of Ghiberti
3. Second door: Gates of Paradise 
Three statues of Ghiberti
1. John the Baptist
2. Matthew
3. Stephan
Capomaestro building the dome
Ghiberti Vittore Baptistery:
Frame of the doors of the Baptistery
Portrait of Vittore Ghiberti
Ghirlandaio Domenico Sasseti-kapel in de Santa Trinita:
1.   Sassetti, Santa Maria Novella Santa Trinita
2.   De kapel van Sassetti in de Santa Trinita
2.1 Visioen Augustus sibille Tibur  David
2.2 De vier sibillen in het gewelf van de kapel
3.   Zes verhalen van de heilige Franciscus
3.1 Het verwerpen van aardse goederen
3.2 Bevestiging van de orderegels franciscanen
3.3 De sultan en de vuurproef
3.4 Franciscus ontvangt de stigmata
3.5 De opwekking van de zoon van de notaris
3.6 De begrafenis van Franciscus
4.   Altaar nissen  Francesco en Nera d’ Corsi
5.   Tombes: Francesco Sassetti  Nera d’ Corsi
  Tornabuoni-kapel (Cappella Maggiore) in de
Santa Maria Novella:
  The chapel, the Tornabuonis and the contract
The fresco cycle as a whole
Seven stories of the Virgin on the left wall
Ghirlandaio: a better storyteller than Gozzoli
The Birth of Mary
The Presentation of Mary
The Adoration of the Magi, The Massacre of the Innocents and The Death and Assumption of the Virgin
Portraits of contemporaries
The birth of John the Baptist
Zacharias Writing John’s Name
The preaching of John the Baptist, the Baptism of Christ and Herod’s Banquet
The groined vaults, the wall by the altar and the altarpiece
The opening of the Tornabuoni Chapel to the public
  Laatste Avondmaal (refter)
Zie ook pendant Augustinus van Botticelli
Giambologna Bargello:
Florence triumphant over Pisa
Loggia dei Lanzi:
The  rape of the Sabine woman
Giotto Campanile
The influence of Giotto on Andrea Pisano’s door
The influence of Giotto on Donatello’s tondi
Enthroned Madonna with child
The original  place of the altarpiece in the Ognissanti
S. Croce:
1. The altarpiece ‘Cornation of the Virgin’ in the Baroncelli Chapel
2.   Bardi and Peruzzi Chapels:
2.1 Giotto’s frescoes in the chapels of the Peruzzi and Bardi families
2.2 Fresco technique and painting on the wall
2.3 Restoration
3.    Peruzzi Chapel:
3.1 The stories about John the Baptist
3.2 The stories about John the Evangelist
3.3 Methodology, execution and quality
4.   Bardi Chapel
4.1 The fresco cycle
4.2 The left wall
4.3 The right wall
Giovanni di Lapo Duomo 
Duomo model 
Gozzoli Aankomst van Augustinus in Milaan in een
vergelijking met Ghirlandaio’s weigering
van het offer van Joachim
  Kapel drie koningen Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
(fresco’s) en Fra Filipino Lippi (altaarstuk):
  1.0 De kapel en het palazzo
1.1 Achtergrond en geschiedenis
1.2 Ligging, functie, vorm en driedeling
2.0 Betekenis van de fresco’s en het altaarstuk in de kapel
2.1 Gedicht, inscriptie vloer, portaal en altaarstuk
2.2 Symbolen en portretten
3.0 De frescocyclus en het altaarstuk
3.1 Een overzicht
3.2 De wanden
3.3 Koorruimte
3.4 Altaarstuk
Guidodotti Dario en
Romanelli Raffaello
San Lorenzo
Cenotaph for Donatello
Jacopo di Cione Enthroned  Madonna with Child (a comparison with Giotto)
Lamberti Niccolò di Pietro Museo dell’Opera del Duomo:
Marcus (for the recesses of the facade of the Duomo Duomo)
Lapo see Giovanni di
Leonardo da Vinci Plan for the Baptistery

Sketch of horrifying scene Bargello
Drawing after Vitruvius
The influence of Leonardo’s Mary with Child on Michelangelo
Cardboard of the Madonna Child and Anna
The influence of Leonardo on Verrocchio
Lippi Filippino see also: Masaccio and Masolino
Florence Santa Maria Novella:
Strozzi Chapel
Filippino Lippi and the Strozzi Chapel
1.1 The fresco cycle of the lives of Saint Philip and John the Evangelist
1.2 Saint Philip Driving the Dragon from the Temple of Hieropolis and the Crucifixion of Philip
1.3 Saint John raises Drusiana from the Dead and The Martyrdom of Saint John
1.4 The altar wall and the sarcophagus of Filippo Strozzi
1.5 Precious materials and buon fresco
  Santa Maria del Carmine:
See under Masaccio (Brancacci-kapel)
Lippi Filippo Palazzo Medici-Riccardi kapel van de
drie koningen:
Altaarstuk: Maria in het bos
Lorenzetti Ambrogio Uffizi: 
Presentatie in de tempel
Maciano Giuliano Completion of the facade Pazzi Chapel after  Brunelleschi and Michelozzo
Maiano Benedetto da Palazzo Strozzi:
1.  Palazzo Strozzi
1.1 The courtyard of the Palazzo Strozzi
Manetti Antonio Biographer of Brunelleschi:
The portico of the Santissima Annunziata
The dome of the San Lorenzo
Revenge for criticism of the dome 
The competition of the bronze doors Baptistery in 1401
Old Sacristy: dispute between Brunelleschi and Donatello
Masaccio Santa Maria Novella:
1. Holy Trinity
1.1 The Renaissance in Santa Maria Novella with the Holy Trinity of Masaccio
1.2 The Holy Trinity or Trinity of Masaccio in Santa Maria Novella
1.3  A hole in the wal: the lineair perspective
1.4 The tradition of Masaccio’s Mercy Seat and Holy Trinity
1.5 Space and time in the Trinity
1.6 The Trinity and the Dominicans’ view on the Christian community
  Florence Santa Maria del Carmine:
Brancacci Chapel
1. The church and chapel of Brancacci
2. The painters of the Brancacci Chapel
3. The meaning of the fresco cycle
4. De fresco’s in de Brancacci-kapel
Right wall:
5.0 De zondeval en de verdrijving uit het Paradijs
5.1 De cijnspenning
5.2 Petrus wekt de zoon van Theophylus tot leven en wordt bisschop
5.3 Portretten van tijdgenoten in de  opwekking en de Sagra
Altar wall:
6.0 Preek Petrus en het dopen
6.1 Petrus verdeelt aalmoezen
6.2 Petrus geneest met zijn schaduw
Left wall:
7.0 De genezing van de kreupel en de opwekking van Thabita 
7.1 Dispuut met Simon Magus en de Kruisiging van Petrus
7.2 De evolutie van de schilderkunst van Giotto tot Masaccio
Masolino See under Masaccio
Santa Maria del Carmine:
Michelangelo San Lorenzo
Facade design San Lorenzo
The new Sacristy or Cappelle Medicee:
1.0 Architecture
1.1 The New and Old Sacristy
1.2 The new style of Michelangelo
1.3 So how exactly does the architecture in the New Sacristy deviate from Vitruvian rules?
2.0 The new Sacristy Cappelle Medicee sculpture:
2.1 The genesis of the statues in the Cappelle Medicee (New Sacristy)
2.2 The four statues on the two tombs in the New Sacristy
2.3 The recesses with Lorenzo and Giuliano Capitani
2.4 The Madonna with the Child opposite the altar in the New Sacristy
2.5 The great discovery in the New Sacristy 
Florence Palazzo Vecchio:
1.   Michelangelo’s Victory
1.1 The influence of Michelangelo’s Victory on other sculptors
Florence San Lorenzo 
The Laurenziana library:
1. The library of Michelozzo as a prototype for the Laurenziana
2. The Laurenziana inside an already existing cloister of Michelozzo
3. Laurenziana: beauty versus functionality
4. The reading room
5. The ricetto of the Laurenziana
6. The columns in the walls of the ricetto: an architectonic trompe l’oeil
7. Staircase in the ricetto: a rather oversized piece of furniture
Michelangelo’s views on:
Architecture and his working method
Florence Casa Buonarroti:
1. The Crucifix
2. The young Michelangelo in the sculpture garden of the Medici
3. The Battle relief
4. The influence of Bertoldo’s bronze relief on Michelangelo’s battle relief
5. The Madonna of the stairs
Florence Bargello:
1. A Bacchus of Michelangelo and one of Jacopo Sansovino
2. The Pitti tondo
3. The Taddei tondo
4. The Apollo of Michelangelo
5. The Brutus
1.1 The David of Michelangelo: a true giant
1.2 The commission and the placement of the giant David
1.3 The placement and unveiling of the giant
2.0 Michelangelo and his missing bronze copy to Donatello’s David
3.0 Michelangelo and his apostle Matthew
3.1 Matthew: a perfect illustration of Michelangelo’s way of working
4.0 The four slaves or prisoners of Michelangelo in the Accademia
Florence Museo dell’Opera del Duomo:
The Duomo Pietà
The Rondanini Pietà
Santa Croce:
The grave of Michelangelo 
Michelozzo Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
The style of contemporaries and architects: Michelozzo and Brunelleschi
Ciborium San Miniato al Monte
The library of the San Marco
The rotonda of the Santissima Annunziata (completed by Alberti)
Santissima Annunziata (loggia and courtyard)
The first courtyard of the San Lorenzo
Milano Giovanni di Santa Croce Rinuccini Chapel:
Expulsion of Joachim from the temple Joachim
Nanni di Banco Duomo:
Isaiah for the buttresses of the Duomo (nowadays in the  Bargello)
Luke (for the recesses of the facade of the Duomo (nowadays in the Bargello)
The Ascension of Mary (Porta della Mandorla)
Quattro Coronati
Nardi di Cione
Santa Maria Novella
Strozzi di Mantova Chapel
1.   fresco cycle
1.2 overview and scheme
1.3  Altarpiece (Orcagna)
Orcagna Orsanmichele:
Assumption of Mary
Presentation of Mary (relief)
Santa Maria Novella:
Strozzi Chapel with altarpiece
Pagno di Lapo San Lorenzo:
Completion of the dome of the San Lorenzo (after Manetti)
Pisano Andrea Baptisterium:
1.0 The first bronze door Baptistery
1.1 The decision to cast the bronze doors
1.2 The influence of Giotto on Andrea Pisano’s door Campanile (after the start of Giotto)
2.  Campanile (after start of  Giotto)
Pollaiuolo Battle between naked warrior
Pontormo Schilderingen in de Capponi- of Barbadori-kapel:
(Architectuur kapel Brunelleschi)
1. De kapel
2. Het glas-in-loodraam
3. Het altaarstuk
4. Pendentieven, koepel en binnengevel
5. Inhoud betekenis van Pontormo’s werk
Robbia Lucca della Bargello
1. A comparison between the two cantoria (Donatello)
2. The rose window and the cantoria
Donatello’s Cantorie
Romanelli Raffaello en Guidodotti Dario  Florence
San Lorenzo
Cenotaph for Donatello
Sangallo Francesco da Orsanmichele:
Virgin with Child and saint Anne
 San Lorenzo New Sacristy:
Frieze ( San Lorenzo New Sacristy)
Sangallo Giuliano Wooden model of the Palazzo Strozzi (click model)
Villa of the Medici at Poggio a Caiano (click villa de Medici)
Santa Maria degli Angeli of Oratorium:
Drawing map (click drawing)
Sansovino Jacopo Bargello:
The Bacchus
San Lorenzo
Arguing with Michelangelo  over the facade of the San Lorenzo
Sarto Andrea del Chiostro dello Scalzo (frescocyclus):
1. Fresco voor het vertrek naar Frankrijk
2. Fresco na terugkeer uit Frankrijk
San Salvi refter:
Laatste Avondmaal
Settignano Desiderio da San Lorenzo:
The tabernacle of sacraments
Simone Martini Uffizi:
Talenti Francesco Duomo (changing the design of Arnolfo di Cambio)
Upper part of the Campanile
Uccello Paolo Florence Santa Maria Novelle Chiostro verde:
1.0 The work of Paolo Uccello in Chiostro Verde
1.1 The Creation of Adam and Eve and the Fall
1.2 The Flood and the Sacrifice and Drunkenness of Noah
Fresco of John Hawkwood
See pendant: Castagno Andrea del
Verrocchio Andrea del Bargello:
The David

Lady with primroses
Palazzo Vecchio:
Putti with Dolphin 
Douting Thomas and Christ
Crowning the lantern of the Duomo
Vincenzo Zie onder: Danti
Zuccari Federico Rome:
The home and workshop of Frederico Zuccari