Anonymous (unknown) Tomb of Paolo Savelli (Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari)
Balla Giacomo Abstract Speed and Sound (Peggy Guggenheim)
Manifest of Futurism  in Le Figaro
Barthel Melchiorre Monument for Doge Giovanni Pesaro (Frari churh)
Madonna and saints (San Zaccaria)
Basaiti Marco and
Alvise Vivarini
Altarpiece of St Ambrose (Frari church)
Bellini Gentile Miracle of the Cross at the Bridge of San Lorenzo 
Procession in piazza San Marco (Accademia)
Bellini Giovanni S. Giobbe altarpiece (Accademia)
Saints Christopher, Jerome and Louis of Toulouse (San Giovanni Crisostomo)
Frari-triptych (Frari church)
Polyptich of St. Vincenzo Ferrer (Santi Giovanni e Paolo)
Madonna and saints (San Zaccaria)
Bon Bartholomeo
and Giovanni
Scuola Grande di San Rocco
Entry portal of the  Santi Giovanni e Paolo
Palazzo Contarini-Fasan or Casa della Desdemona
Ca’d Oro
Braque Georges The clarinet (Peggy Guggenheim)
Canaletto Capriccio of a Colonnade (Accademia)
Piazza di San Marco view of St. Germaine
Palazzo Ducale ceremonial staircase with the crowning ritual
Molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni
San Francesco della Vigna
Campo Santi Apostoli
Holiday Scuola San Rocco (mouseover)
Rialto bridge
Canova Antonio Burial monument Canavo (Frari church)
Carlevarijs Luca Procession to the Santa Maria della Salute
Carpaccio Miracle of the Holy Cross at Rialto (Accademia)
The Dream of St. Ursula (Accademia)
San Giorgio degli Schiavoni (Scuola Dalmata):
1. St. George impales the dragon with his lance
2. St.George slays the dragon and the preliminary
3. Presentation of Christ
4. Jerome and the lion
5. The death of St. Jerome
6. St. Augustine in his Study
B. Falconi
C. Molli
Sculpture main altar Longhena (Santi Giovanni e Paolo)
Chirico Giorgio de The red tower (Peggy Guggenheim)
Cima da Conegliano Baptism of Christ and the geometric composition (San Giovanni in Bragora)
Adoration of the Shephards (Santa Maria dei Carmini)
Codussi Mauro San Giovanni Crisostomo
Santa Maria Formosa
San Michele in Isola
Palazzo Vendramin Calergi
Palazzo Corner- Spinelli
Court Juste Le Group of sculptuere main altar (Santa Maria della Salute)
Dali Salvador The Birth of Liquid Desires (Peggy Guggenheim)
The meeting of Dali with Freud 
Dario Giovanni Palazzo Dario
Donatello John the Baptist (Frari church)
Duchamp Marcel Nude, Sad Young Man on a Train (Peggy Guggenheim)
Ernst Max Attirement of the bride la toilette de la mariée (Peggy Guggeheim)
Falcini See: Cavriolo
Fiore See: Jacobello
Fiumiani Antonio 1.0 Ceiling in the San Pantaleon 
1.1 A detail of the  ceiling painting
Gent Joost van Cardinal Bessarion
Giambono Michele St. Chrysogonos on horseback (San Trovaso)
Giorgione La Tempesta (Accademia)
‘Sleeping Venus’ (facade Fondaco dei Tedeschi today in the  Ca’d Oro)
Goethe On the palazzi in Venice
Guardi Francesco Procession to the Salute
‘monastery visit’ (San Zaccaria)
Jacobello del Fiore Justice between the Archangels Michael and Gabriel (Accademia)
Kandinsky Wassily ‘Landscape with Red Stains, No.2’ (Peggy Guggenheim)
The discovery of abstract painting 
Leger Ferdinand Man in the city (Peggy Guggenheim)
Lombardo Pietro Burial monument for Doge Pietro Mocenigo (Santi Giovanni e Paolo)
Lombardo Tullio Double-portrait (also self-portait)
Coronation of  Mary
Longhena Baldassare Santa Maria della Salute
Scuola Grande dei Carmini
High Altar of the Santi Giovani e Paolo
Longhi Pietro The Pharmacist (Accademia) 
Lotto Lorenzo Portrait of a Gentleman in his Study (Accademia)
St. Nicholas in glory (Santa Maria dei Carmini)
Magritte Rene Empire of light of Empire des lumieres (Peggy Guggenheim)
Mantegna St. Sebastian
Marino Marini The Angel of the City (Peggy Guggenheim)
Massari Ballroom and stairway of the Ca’Rezzonico
Palazzo Grassi
Memling Hans Portrait of a  young man (Accademia)
Molli See: Cavrioli  
Mondriaan Piet No title oval composition (Peggy Guggenheim)
Moore Henry Venice Peggy Guggenheim:
Three standing figures
Palladio The facade of  San Francesco della Vigna
San Giorgio Maggiore
Il Redentore
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Palma Vecchio
Jacopo Palma
Barbara (Santa Maria Formosa)
Pianta Statues (Scuola Grande di San Rocco)
Picasso Pablo The Poet (Peggy Guggenheim)
Picasso ideas on Cubism
Piombo Sebastiaan del Crisostomos, John the Evangelist, John the Baptist and other saints
Pollock Jackson Alcherny 
Pollock explained his painting technique
Enchanted Forest
Pordenone St Lorenzo Giustiniani and other Saints (Accademia)
Rothko Mark Sacrifice (Peggy Guggenheim)
Ruskin The Stones of Venice and the  order of Venice
Sanmicheli Michele Palazzo Grimani
Sansovino Jacopo John the Baptist (Frari church)
Palazzo Corner della Grande (Ca’Grande
or Ca’Corner Grande)
San Marco’s domes (restoration)
Biblioteca Marciana
San Francesco della Vigna
Piazza San Marco with adjacent buildings
Scala dei Giganti (Ducale)
Palazzo Dolfin-Manin
Sebastiano del Piombo
(Sebastiano Luciani)
See Piombo
Severini Gino Blue dancer (Peggy Guggenheim)
Tiepolo Giambattista Last Communion of St. Lucy
Scuola Grande dei Carmini:
1.0 Sala del Capitolo
1.1 Ceiling frescos Sala del Capitolo:
1.2 Angel carrying the book of the Scuola
      Angel showing the scapular to the people in
1.3 Faith (Cross and chalice), hope (anchor), love
      (mother with child)
1.4 Patience (?), innocence (young virgin carrying a
      goat) and finally chastity (?)
1.5 Vigilance, sincerity and patience, strength and
1.6 Maria handing the scapular to Simon Stock
Apotheosis of St. Dominic (the rosary Institution)
Crowning Maria H. Catherina
(Jacopo Robusti)
The Miracle of St Mark freeing a Slave (Accademia)
Last Supper (San Trovaso)
Last Supper (San Giorgio Maggiore)
The Jews in the Desert (San Giorgio Maggiore)
Portrait of Jacopo Sansovino
Last Supper (S. Marcuola)
Venice Scuola Grande di San Rocco:
1.0   Sala dell’ Albergo
1.1  Overview paintings ceiling and walls
        in the Sala dell’Albergo
Ceiling Sala dell’Albergo:
1.3   The Glorification of St. Roch
1.4   Uproar among artists about Tintoretto’s
        ‘sketch’ of St.Roch
1.5   Happiness
Wall at entrance Sala dell’Albergo:
1.6   Ecce Homo
1.7   The Ascent to Calvary
1.8   Christ before Pilate
Wall opposite the entrance Sala dell’Albergo:
1.9   Crucifixtion
Sala Superiore:
2.0   Sala Superiore
2.1   Overview paintings ceiling and walls
2.2   Lifting the bronze snake
Images in the Sala Superiore:
2.3   The Ascention
2.4   Jonah leaves the whale’s belly
2.5.  The resurrection of Christ
2.6   Last Supper
2.7   The Mirackle of Manna
2.8   Moses drawing Water from the Rock 
2.9   Elysha multiplies the bread
2.10 The Adoration of the Shephards
2.11 The Baptism of Christ
2.12 The Eternal Father appears to Moses
2.13 The Pillar of Fire
2.14 Jacob’s Ladder
2.15 Fall of Man
2.16 Elijah fed by the Angel
2.17 The Passover
2.18 The Apparition of St. Roch
2.19 The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
2.20 The  Temptation of Christ
2.21 St. Roch, St. Sebastian
Sala Terrena
3.0   Sala Terrena:
3.1   Overview paintings wall
3.2   Annunciation
3.3   Harsh criticism on the board of the Scuola
and the Annunciation
Images in the Sala Terrena:
3.4   Adoration of the Magi
3.5   The flight into Egypt
3.6   The Slaughter of the Innocents
3.7   St. Mary Magdalen
3.8   St. Mary of Egypt
Paradise  (Ducale: hall council)
Titian Pietà (Accademia)
Doge Andrea Gritti
Cardinal Pietro Bembo
Pesaro altarpiece
Marcus and four saints
Cardinal Pietro Bembo
Justitia (fresco on the facade of Fondaco dei Tedeschi now Ca d’Oro)
Ascension (Frari church)
Girocamo and cardiaal Marco Corner (studio of Titian)
Transfiguration (San Salvatore)
Portrait of the poet Aretino
Veneziano Lorenzo Virgin Mary with child (Accademia)
Veneziano Paolo Virgin Mary with child (Accademia)
Virgin Mary with child doge Francesco
Dandolo en zijn vrouw (Frari church)
Veronese Paolo Christ in the house of Levy
Mystical Marriage of St Catherine (Accademia)
Holy Family and Saints 
San Pantalon healing a Boy (San Pantaleone) 
San Sebastiano:
1.0 San Sebastiano  Sacristy:
1.1 Coronation of the Virgin (scroll down)
1.2 Mark and Johan
2.0 The church San Sebastiano ceiling nave:
2.1 Esther before Ahasuerus
2.2 Triumph of Mordecai
3.0 Altarpiece: the Glorification of the Virgin
      with Saints
4.0 Organ with closed and open hatches
5.0  Walls of the gallery closed to the public:
5.1 The archer
5.2  St. Sebastian struck by arrows
5.3 The monk and the black boy
6.0 Spandrels of the arch:
6.1 Annunciation
The holy Family (San Franceso della Vigna)
San Pantalon healing a boy (San Pantaleone)
Verrocchio Andrea del Equestrian statue of Colleoni (San Giovanni e Paolo)
Vittoria Alessandro St. Jerome (Frari church)
Palazzo Papadopoli
St. Sebastian (San Salvatore)
Vivarini Alvise
Basaiti Marco
Altarpiece St. Ambrose (Frari church)
Resurrection of Christ (San Giovanni in Bragora)
Vivarini Antonio Coronation of Mary (San Pantaleone)
Vivarini Bartholomeo Triptych of St. Mark and other saints(Frari church)
Mary with child and the Saints John the Baptist and Andreas (San Giovanni in Bragora)
John the Baptist (San Giovanni in Bragora)
Madonna della Misericordia (Santa Maria Formosa)
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