List of links 6  all-day walk
  View with links under the following terms in alphabetical order:
  Accademia or San Matteo
  Baptisterium or San Giovanni:
1. Architecture
2. The bronze doors
  Bargello or Palazzo Podestà:
1. Architecture
2. Statues in the museum
  Boboli Garden
  Campanile (Duomo)
  Casa Buonarroti: see  museums
  Cenacolo: see below refectories
  Chiostro dello Scalzo
Andrea del Sarto frescocyclus
1. Frescos before leaving for France
2. Frescos after return from France
   Dome Duomo (Brunelleschi)
  Duomo: under churches
  Laurenziana librairy (San Lorenzo, Michelangelo)
  New Sacristy or Cappelle Medicee (San Lorenzo):
1. Architecture
2. Sculpture
   Old Sacristy (San Lorenzo):
1. Architecture (Brunelleschi)
2. Sculpture (Donatello)
  Opera del Duomo: under museums
  Oratorium: under churches
  Ospedale degli Innocenti
  Parte Guelfa
   Porta delle Suppliche (Uffizi)
  Pulpits San Lorenzo (Donatello)
  Refectories (dining room  monasteries Last Supper)
  San Marco (Fra Angelico)
  San Matteo (now Accademia)
  Zuccari Federico:
1. Studio (Florence)
2. House Florence
3. House (Rome)