See also below Rome in Antiquity

6 all-day walks
Alphabetical order:
Addressing the city and new streets (trident)
Arches: see below Triumphal arches (Rome in Antiquity)
Basilicas: see below Ancient Rome (Rome in Antiquity)
Catacomb of Sant ’Agnese fuori le Mura
City gates: see Porta
Circus Maximus (Rome in Antiquity)
Collegio di Propaganda Fide (Borromini)
Colosseum: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Columns: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Forum Romanum: see Roman Forum below (Rome in Antiquity)
House of the  Vestals: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Imperial fora: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Obelisk (Bernini)
Oratorio (Borromini)
Palatine: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Palazzi and Villas
Pantheon: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Porta (city gates)
Roman Forum: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Scala regia (Bernini)
Spanish steps
Villa: see  Palazzi
Temples: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Thermal baths: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Triumphal Arches: see below (Rome in Antiquity)
Rome in Antiquity
The origin of Rome:
1. Hut of Romulus
2. Tiber and the rise of Rome
3. The myth and foundation of Rome
4. Etruscan kings in Rome: c. 617-509 v. Chr
5. Cloaca Maxima (Roman Forum)
Alphabetical order:
1. Basilica Aemila (Roman Forum)
2. Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius (Roman Forum)
3. Basilica of Julius (Roman Forum)
4. Basilica Ulpia (Forum of Trajan)
Arches: see  below Triumphal arches
Circus Maximus
1. Column of Phocas (Roman Forum)
2. Column of Trajan (Forum of Trajan)
Comitium and Curia (Roman Forum)
Hadrian’s Villa Tivoli (see below Tivol)
House of the Vestal Virgins (Roman Forum)
Imperial Fora
Imperial ramp of Domitian (Roman Forum Palatine)
Mamertine Prison (San Giuseppe dei Falegnami)
Market of Trajan
Milliarium Aureum (Roman Forum)
Palace of Domitian (Palatine)
Porticus Déorum Consentium or Precinct of the Harmonius Gods (Roman Forum)
 Roman Forum:
1. Development of the Roman Forum in chronological order
2. To the categories: religion, politics and trade
Romulus (Palatine)
Rosta (Roman Forum)
Temples and Shrine:
1.  Temple of Divis Antoninus and Diva Faustina (Roman Forum)
2.  Temple of Divus Julius (Roman Forum)
3.  Temple Castor and Pollux (Roman Forum)
4.  Shrine of Venus Cloacina (Roman Forum)
5.  Temple of Concordi Augusta (Roman Forum)
6.  Temple of Cybele or temple of Magna Mater (Palatine)
7.  Temple of Mars Ultor (Forum of Augustus)
8.  ‘Temple of ‘Divus Romulus’ (Roman Forum)
9.  Temple of Saturn (Roman Forum)
10. Temple of Venus Genetrix (Forum of Julius Caesar)
11. Temple of Vespasion and Titus
12. Temple of Vesta (Roman Forum)
Thermal bath of Diocletian
1. Apollodorus and the  Forum of Trajan
2. Basilica Ulpia (Forum of Trajan)
3. Column of Trajan
4. Trajan’s Market
Triumphal Arches:
1. Arch of August (reconstruction; only remnants)
2. Arch of Constantine
3. Arch of Septimius Severus
4. Arch of Titus
Umbilicus Urbis (Roman Forum)
Hadrian’s Villa Tivoli
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