The work of Orcagna and Francesco da Sangallo in the Orsanmichele
Entrance to the the museum at the top floor with the original statues
The statues in the recesses of the Orsanmichele:
1.     Madonna della Rosa
2.0 Three bronze statues of Ghiberti in front of the recesses: John the Baptist, Matthew and Stefanus
2.1 John the Baptist
2.2 Matthew
2.3 Stephan
3.0 Three statues of Donatello:
3.1 Marcus a true revolution
3.2 The evangelist Marcus: a buono maniera moderna?
3.3 St. George
3.4 The recess for Louis of Toulouse and later ‘Christ and Saint Thomason the Via dei Calzaiuoli
3.5 The bronze Louis of Toulouse
4.0 Statues of Nanni di Banco:
4.1 Eligius
4.2 Quattro Coronati
Andrea del Verrocchio:
5.   Doubting  Thomas and Christ