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Rome Rione XIV Borgo

De belangrijkste bezienswaardigheden zijn: Engelenburcht en Engelenbrug, de Passetto, Via della Conciliazione en de Friezenkerk, exemplarisch voor een "burg".
Aangrenzend, maar buiten de rione, Vaticaanstad met de St. Pieter en de Vaticaanse Musea (Sixtijnse Kapel).

Alle verdere belangrijke bezienswaardigheden in deze Rione vindt u in het menu rechts.

Muurplaquette van de rione

Muurplaquette van de rione

Wapenschild van de rione
Wapenschild van de rione
kaart van rione XIV Borgo
kaart van rione XIV Borgo
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Hoe zag deze rioni eruit in 1777? 18e eeuwse kaart hier .(Tot het Verdrag van Lateranen in 1929 behoorde de città Leonina - Vaticaanstad - nog tot Rome)

ligging van rione XIV Borgo
ligging van rione XIV Borgo

Deze Rione behoort tot de oude XIV rioni van Rome, zoals ingedeeld door paus Benedictus XIV in 1743.


The Borgo began as many neighborhoods do, to house groups of people gathering together around a central theme - an ethnic background or belief or a certain religious or cultural site. In this case, the draw was the original Saint Peter's Church, built by Constantine in the 4th century. Through the 5th to 9th centuries the Borgo grew and eventually contained hostels financed by various countries for pilgrims, monasteries, hospitals, churches, water fountains, lavatories, smaller churches and chapels, food vendors, blacksmith shops; in short, all things necessary for travelers and pilgrims who were visiting the city.

The walls continued to be maintained and strengthened through the years. When they were torn down in the 9th century the city was ransacked by the Saracens, a hard-won lesson to the citizens of Rome. Pope Leo IV had the walls rebuilt again as soon as the marauders left, once again fortifying the city and its populace and pilgrims against outside threats.

When the popes left Rome for Avignon in the early part of the 14th century, the Borgo fell into ruin. The walls deteriorated, the until-then busy and prosperous businesses withered. The papacy returned to Rome in 1378 and the Borgo prospered, the walls were rebuilt and the area once again catered to and supported the huge - and growing - numbers of tourists and pilgrims from around the world who came to see Saint Peter's Church.

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Ager Vaticanus (Vaticaan vroeger)
Stratenplan met links naar de belangrijkste monumenten:

- van rione XIV Borgo

- van heel Rome

Lijst met de pausen

Rione XIV Borgo

  1. Engelenburcht
    1. Ponte S. Angelo
    2. De Engelen op de brug
  2. Fontein vd Kanonskogel
  3. Fontein vd Tiara
  4. Hospitaal S. Spirito
    1. Palazzo del Commendatore
    2. S.Maria in Saxia
  5. Palazzo Torlonia
  6. Passetto (vluchtweg voor de paus)
  7. Porta S. Spirito
  8. S. Maria in Traspontina
  9. Via della Conciliazione
  10. Vicolo del Campanile
  11. Kerk van de Friezen Ss. Michele e Magno